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The story so far...

Tradition and technology together: rediscovering colour quality

The Toscano paint factory boasts a long tradition, taking root over seventy years ago.
In 1924 his founding father, Alfred Houlston Morgan, enterprising English chemist, after gaining great experience in research and entrepreneurship, comes to Italy to start a new productive and commercial activity in the paint field.
Attracted by the smooth lines of view of Tuscany, he decides to settle and start his enterprise in Pisa.

Thus Toscano paint factory and his first lines of products materialised: Morgan's paint, Morgan's finish, Woodlack, Morgan's varnish, Morgan's primer.
The original packaging of these paints shows immediately a sort of commingling between English style and Italian touch.
This is also evident in the instructions and in the names printed on the cans, quite always written in both languages.
It can also be guessed by the trade mark; a tiger, probably old reminiscences of Mr Morgan, far recollections of the Indian colonies of the old British Empire, tamed by the two paint cans that, with the famous English humour, have been placed in its paws.

And with the "Old England" references, there were clear Italian symbols, such as the colours of our flag.
From this moment, many things have changed. The little factory of Pisa has gained, during the years, a great experience in this field, it has created a wide range of products and it has invested money and energies in researching always new production methods, in accordance with the more advanced technologies.
Today the result of this development is evident: Toscano has become a modern company, able to satisfy any request of a constantly evolving market.

Anyway, something has not changed with the passing of time: the passion for the job, the strenuous will of improving the products quality, the desire to provide customers with an increasingly comprehensive service.
These values keep the company tightly anchored to its tradition even if geared toward continuous innovation in the paint field.
Toscano's entrepreneurial path is marked by deep respect for its historical roots, coupled with the application of cutting-hedge systems; this enables it to keep evolving whilst remaining true to the corporate philosophy.
A philosophy based on total quality and reliability of its paints, further bolstered by joint experience with other major brands such as Vip, Rossetti and Paramatti which, in 1998, have become components, alongside Toscano, of the leading name J COLORS SpA.

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